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Mahwah Lawn Care: Aeration, Fertilizing, Pesticides, & More


Clearview Landscape Services is a reputable name to trust for lawn care services in Mahwah. We want your yard to look its very best, and that requires planning and maintenance. Give our experts a call today and let us answer your questions and provide a free estimate.

Lawn Aeration

A vital part of lawn care is aeration, which helps the grass thrive. The soil supporting the roots of your lawn needs to breathe, and lawn aeration makes that possible. Aeration combats thatch which can prevent soil from getting oxygen, water, and nutrients. The aeration process breaks up compacted soil, allowing essential nutrients to permeate the root zone.


Whether you're using lawn care for your existing grass or to promote health with the sodding process, either way, it's important. Routine fertilizing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Fertilizing your grass makes it healthier and helps it look better, but it also causes it to be resilient against the activity, traffic, and daily wear and tear. Using fertilizer helps make it possible for you to have a thriving lawn now and in the future.

Weed Control

When you hire a landscaping company for Mahwah area projects, weed control may not be the first thing you have in mind. However, if you're not planning for weed control, you're putting your lawn at risk. As you know, weeds pose a threat to the health and well-being of your grass, suffocating it. Let us provide you with weed control services to eliminate this threat before it can even take hold.

Pesticide Application

Think of pesticide application as a way to create a protective barrier around your lawn. It reduces the likelihood of pests moving in and devouring your otherwise healthy grass. In conjunction with other lawn care methods, pesticide application will help you have the lushest, greenest yard in the neighborhood. Call Clearview Landscape Services today to discuss a lawn care plan for your Mahwah property.

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