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Mahwah's Leading Landscaping Services

Clearview Landscape Services is the local resource to call on when you need landscaping services in Mahwah. We offer a full menu of services to help property owners maintain and beautify their properties. We're the experts you can rely on to care for your yard while offering outstanding client service for total customer satisfaction.

Seasonal cleanup

Seasonal Landscape Clean Up

Keeping your yard looking its best is difficult when you have fallen leaves and other seasonal mess to contend with. Our team will provide you with spring and fall seasonal landscape clean up to help you keep your lawn looking fabulous all year long. Schedule your two seasonal appointments and make sure your yard is always immaculate looking.

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Landscape Design

You're going to love the results we're able to provide for you at Clearview Landscape Services. We're the industry experts to trust for landscaping services and will create a look you'll love.

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Hardscape, Plantings, and Pavers

Adding hardscapes, plantings, and pavers to your landscaping design will do wonders for your yard. We'll help you to vastly improve the curb appeal and increase the property value. Every feature you add enhances your yard, as long as the work is carried out by an industry professional.

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Using sodding to create the perfect lawn is a great way to save time and avoid stress. Our sodding services are an easier and quicker way to get a fully established, real grass lawn than with seeding.

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Shrub planting

Shrub Planting

One of our most popular landscaping services is adding shrubs to spruce up the design and look. Our shrub planting is intended to help you add natural, living features to your landscaping.

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Our mulching services will enhance the appearance of your landscaping, flower, and garden beds while helping deter pests and weeds. Mulch also helps soil and roots retain water and nutrients that will help your growing elements really thrive.

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Retaining wall

Retaining Wall

As a preferred Mahwah landscaping company, we're able to design and build a retaining wall that will improve the appearance and functionality of your yard. Retaining walls are the perfect addition to the property if you have uneven land, are worried about soil erosion, or have other concerns for your property.

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Boulder placement

Boulder Placement

You can use options and upgrades like boulder placement to take your yard design to the next level. Boulders make a statement, fill void space, and add natural appeal to your landscaping.

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Garden bed

Bed Maintenance

Keeping up with bed maintenance is an essential part of making your lawn look nice. We'll work with you to provide bed maintenance to keep every aspect of your landscaping looking top-notch.

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Transplanting is a way to introduce or relocate living features into or of your landscaping. We'll create a cohesive and flowing design that compliments your property.

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Paver installation

Paver Installation

We're the reliable industry experts to trust for paver installation. We can use pavers to successfully add a driveway, walkway, patio, or other elements to your yard.

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Ornamental tree

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning

Clearview Landscape Services is here to assist you with essential landscaping services, including ornamental tree and shrub pruning. We want your yard to live up to its fullest potential, and keeping everything trimmed and pruned is a significant part of that.

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Ground drainage

Ground Drainage

Let our industry specialists plan for ground drainage to help prevent flooding and erosion. We're eager to help you protect your landscaping and property with proper planning for drainage.

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Storm cleanup

Emergency Storm Clean Up

While no one wants to deal with a severe weather-related event, we promise to be there for you in the aftermath to take care of the cleanup. We offer emergency storm clean up to help restore your landscaping back to its original glory and help you start picking up the pieces.

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Insurance Claims

Savvy property owners have insurance coverage that includes their landscaping. We'll take care of damage to living and nonliving elements of your yard that are covered by your insurance policy.

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Commercial Property Maintenance

Maintaining the landscaping for your commercial property is something that's best left to the industry pros at Clearview Landscape Services. We'll work with you to find out more about what you hope to accomplish with your outdoor space and keep it looking nice, so you can make a good impression on prospective clients.

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Residential Property Maintenance

We're the experts to trust for residential property maintenance so you can have the most stunning yard in the neighborhood without lifting a finger to take care of it. All of our Mahwah landscaping services are top-tier, so call us today to get your free estimate and schedule your necessary services.

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Residential Window Washing

Residential Window Washing

Window Washing is an attention-to-detail process. Include the expectations of homeowner's associations. Nothing compares quite to a homeowner's association. There's a certain level of presentation that communities expect from their neighborhood houses. Sometimes it's a new mailbox, improved yard grass, or a cleaner exterior. Sometimes, it is as straightforward as residential window washing!

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Residential Window Washing

Commercial Window Washing

Our Mahwah Window Washing company is here to make your office or business shine like brand new! Letting the sun's brightness enter through a clean window is as important as how it looks to the outside eyes for more than one facet of windows. At Clearview Landscape Services, your landscaping and window washing company, we provide Window Washing for Mahwah with services well-versed in various buildings.

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