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Seasonal Landscape Clean-Up For Spring & Fall Care In Mahwah

Seasonal cleanup

When Mahwah homeowners want seasonal landscape clean-up, they call Clearview Landscape Services. We're known for quality work and superior customer service, no matter what the job entails. We take care of everything from seasonal clean-up to ornamental tree and shrub pruning and more. Keeping your yard looking its best requires clean-up, just like the inside of your home. However, the work associated with yard maintenance is tedious, time-consuming, and backbreaking. That's why it makes sense to leave the leaf cleaning to our team of industry pros. We're eager to provide you with the maintenance and clean-up that's necessary to keep your landscaping looking top-notch. Our seasonal landscape clean-up will help improve the look and condition of your lawn and landscaping. Please don't settle for less than the best when it comes to the company you hire for yard maintenance.

Spring Landscape Care

We love no season more than spring, personally and as a landscaping company for Mahwah area clients. It's a peak time for seasonal landscape clean-up, as we emerge from winter in the North and move towards warmer weather and vibrant blooms brightening the landscape. Of course, to achieve beauty, first comes the clean-up, which we're here to take care of. Some of the spring landscape care services we offer include:

  • Weed control
  • Fertilization of grass, shrubs, and plants
  • Freshen up garden beds
  • Inspect trees and bushes
  • Add a fresh top layer of mulch

It's time to clean up and prepare for new growth. Without removing lingering debris and decaying organic matter, you run the risk of letting this blanket the surface of the soil and suffocate new or existing plants, grass, etc. Our goal is to improve the look and promote health, wellness, and growth.

Fall Landscape Clean-Up

Autumn brings its own beauty, as the hot weather cools and the leaves change to brilliant colors - before falling in your yard and making a mess! There's no need to worry about it because we're here with fall landscape clean-up and care. Some of what we'll take care of include:

  • Take care of pest control
  • Final mowing
  • Provide aeration for lawn health
  • Rake up leaves and debris to minimize ground coverage
  • Seed to fill in bare spots
  • Add nitrogen-rich fertilizer

Call Clearview Landscape Services for all of your lawn care and seasonal landscape clean-up needs in Mahwah. We look forward to working with you and making you a satisfied client.

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