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Mahwah Hardscaping Contractor: Hardscape, Plantings, Pavers, & More


Clearview Landscape Services is Mahwah's leading local provider for hardscape, plantings, and pavers. We want to help you make your yard look more than good. Our goal is to help it live up to its true potential. Adding living and non-living features to your yard can be fun and functional. Adding hardscape features to your property can help with things like:

  • Fixing grading issues
  • Create direction flow for traffic
  • Enhance the beauty
  • Expand your outdoor living space
  • Reduce maintenance frequency

Elements like hardscape, plantings, and pavers really help to add depth to the landscape design, making them multi-dimensional. Your yard can seem flat without other features to really make it stand out.

Boulder Placement

Let's face it, when it comes to landscape design, boulders as an added feature can do wonders for it. In other words, rocks rock! As a top landscaping company for Mahwah area homes and businesses, we're accustomed to using boulders to take landscaping to the next level. What are some of the benefits of boulders in landscape design?

  • Fill space (especially vacant space in an area that's troublesome for growth)
  • Create a unique design feature
  • Use for a seating area
  • Low maintenance
  • Increase property value

As a top contender in the area for hardscape, plantings, and pavers, you'll appreciate our dedication to finding the right rocks and the perfect placement. We can even help with tricks to grow moss for a more naturally aged look. Whether it's giant boulders or smaller paver installation, our team is number one for features that add to your yard. Your front and back yards are works of art waiting to be designed, and we're just the experts to bring them to life for you.


Adding living elements to your yard is relatively easy for the Clearview Landscape Services team because we have so much experience with it. We have had plenty of success transplanting living plants into a yard design. Why wait for tiny plants, trees, and shrubs to grow to maturity when you could have the yard of your dreams right now? If you have an existing living feature in your yard you would like to relocate; we can assess the situation and see if that tree, bush, or plant is a good candidate for successful transplanting. There are so many great reasons to save time with already thriving plants. Call our experts now for hardscape, plantings, and pavers in Mahwah.

Shrub Planting

One of our most popular landscaping services is adding shrubs to spruce up the design and look. Our shrub planting is intended to help you add natural, living features to your landscaping. Select the shrubs you want and have mature ones planted for a more finished and visually appealing look for your landscaping.

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