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Recent Tips and Articles by Clearview Landscape Services

Mulch Versus Sod: What's Right For My Property?

Our team at Clearview Landscape Services is proud to be your number one source for all mulch and sod installation services. We offer both lawn care services all throughout the year so that, whichever you choose, your lawn and garden can continue looking the best in […]

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Sod Installation - The Eco-Friendly Choice

Many people might not know that sod is actually a more eco-friendly choice than traditional lawn services. Waiting for new grass to grow can be frustrating, especially if you're on a time crunch for your lawn to look beautiful and lush. We take away the waiting […]

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The Art of Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning: A Favorite Among Mahwah Homeowners

In the picturesque township of Mahwah, New Jersey, homeowners have discovered a gardening secret that adds charm and elegance to their landscapes. Ornamental tree and shrub pruning has become increasingly popular in this community, and for good reason. Beyond mere horticultural maintenance, this practice has transformed […]

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3 Benefits Of Sodding To Create The Lawn Of Your Dreams In Mahwah

It's no surprise that sodding is such a popular choice among homeowners. Ask any reputable landscaping company, and they'll agree with these homeowners - installing grass just makes good sense. Why wait to grow grass and hope it works out when you could install it for […]

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4 Primary Methods Of Lawn Care & How They Help Your Yard

As the premier landscaping company in Mahwah, we're honored to get to work with so many local home and business owners. Clearview Landscape Services works hard to provide a comprehensive menu of landscaping and lawn care services. Taking care of your lawn is crucial for keeping […]

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Top 5 Tips From Industry Pros About Your Landscape Design

Landscape design is nothing to take lightly, so it's a good idea to have a professional landscaping company do the work for you. While there are plenty of DIY tutorials online, the truth is that nothing is going to deliver the results you want, like getting […]

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