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Mahwah Sodding Specialists To Restore Your Green Spaces


Sodding is the ideal solution to the perfect lawn because it's practically instant. If you'd like a picturesque landscape with vibrant green grass for your Mahwah home, Clearview Landscape Services has the answer. Our sod installation will work wonders for helping you have grass so green it will be the envy of the neighborhood.You can't have the home of your dream with a brown, dead-looking lawn filled with bare spots, right? But growing grass from seeds takes a lot of time and patience. Suppose you'd like to skip right to the part where you have the perfect yard ready for professional lawn care. We'll install it for you. Sodding is like laying carpet for the outside of your home, except the ground coverage is living. It's not like artificial turf grass because it's real, natural grass. If you're ready to discuss your options for sod installation, it's time to give our experts a call.

Laying New Sod

We know all about laying new sod. As a top landscaping company for Mahwah homes and businesses, we've executed every task to improve and maintain yards and landscaping. Of course, sodding is one of those tasks that we've done countless times to enhance properties in the area. More than likely, you've seen our sodding work before without even realizing it. Once installed, you can't tell the difference between grass that was cultivated any other way and sod. Some of the benefits of opting for laying new sod are:

  • Requires less watering - When growing grass from seed or other methods, there's a lot of time and water wasted attempting to get it established and growing.
  • Great for soil erosion - Sod controls dust, mud, and erosion because it's already mature and well past the seedling stage.
  • Avoid bare patches - Sod is installed compactly, which leaves no room for gaps, spaces, or bare spots.

Expert Help Is Here For You

The Clearview Landscape Services team is ready, willing, and more than capable of providing you with the level of service you need. We offer a wide variety of landscaping services that enable you to have the yard of your dreams to go with your home sweet home. We'd love to meet with you and discuss the benefits of laying new sod and give you a free estimate. Call us now to talk about sodding, and let's work magic for your Mahwah property.

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